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Typography in Bingo

I have been looking for a free font on the subject Bingo, but I could only find one… It is Bingo Player of Jeffrey N. Levine.
It seems that there is very little writing about bingo-typgraphy… Lies here an open space for someone to fill in? Or is the subject “not-done” at all… Who has an answer?
The font was reworked by Jeff himself and is now for sale at for $ 25,00. Fontfeest finds that a pity, for it’s a nice one.

Another font I found is JB Bingo, a typeface by Johannes Breyer. Unfortunately not for free and also not very Bingo-style as one would wish.

Another found was this nice poster. I hoped that a font-face belonged to this image. Unfortunetaly not :-(

This triggered me to start making a bingo-font myself. Anyone interested? Or is it more useful to play a little game of Bingo online…?

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50% Arial + 50% Helvetica = 5050

A new font has been added to fontfeest!: 5050. Literally a combination of 50% Arial and 50% Helvetica. Thanks to Fontographer 5.1 and per character minor changes and optimalisations. Downloads are again for free. Make nice designs and spread the word: Totally For Free!

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Now available: Novatura – a new font-family

Now available at Novatura! My first font-family. Inspired on the Avenir and the Futura, it has become a stylish open font, usable for bodytext aswell as headlines. For print or for the web. And of course – free! So download it now

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