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Fontfeest wants to be a platform where the finest free (web)fonts are online available. Our fonts are manually picked out of the huge amount of fonts on the Internet, and are - as an extra service - also available as a webfont-file.


  1. There are many free fonts available on the Internet. A simple Google search quickly provides thousands of downloadable fonts. Unfortunately, 98% of them have poor quality or are unsuitable for use on the Internet (with the @ font-face technique). wants to change this search after fonts for the end-user. This does result in far fewer fonts, but all very useful. Less is better. And above all: free in the widest sense of use. supplies fonts that are 100% free for commercial use. No complicated licensing, just nice and simple plus for free. Again, quality comes first. Fonts who do not meet these requirements, are simply not available.

  2. Through websites like Fontsquirrel.comThe League of Movable TypeGoogle WebFontsen my own fontdistributors shall have to change or tweak their current sales model in my opinion. Especially when I look at the nearby future: just to save their online business. Because I think that things will change radically when it comes to (web)fonts and their rising popularity.

    Of course I know that it takes a lot of effort to design and draw a font or font-family. I don't want to rob someones incoming, let that be clear. I just want to make an appeal to fontdistributors to change things, by sharing, or by giving, for example. With the speed of fine free fonts getting available, they will have to!

  3. On the blog of I will write in the full range about typography, share my knowledge and proclaim my vision. You may reply on this, of course.

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